Some of Stef's Stuff

Eclipse and JavaScript graphs

by Stefano on 2015.12.29, no comments

Many JavaScript libraries which provide good looking charting capabilities like Highcharts, Flot, dygraphs and plotly have been developed in the last few years. Eventually they can be used within Eclipse/PDE to create charting views or editors.

ARC – Android RC app

by Stefano on 2015.05.24, no comments

ARC is a simple RC-model app running on Android OS. ARC is under development and far from being complete or error-free. Source code is available here

MIDI2 – Java MIDI socket server

by Stefano on 2009.03.22, no comments

MIDI2 is a Java socket server that allows MIDI messages to be sent over a connection between a host and a client. It’s primary intended to be used with Onyx-VJ, an Adobe AIR™ live video mixing tool, but soon could support also VISP, a live visual renderer also in AIR™.