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Buidroot Quickstart – Part I

Buildroot is a tool that simplifies and automates the process of building a complete Linux system for embedded hardware using cross-compilation.

Kobo Mini hacks

A small collection of links to hacks for the Kobo Mini e-reader.

A Gerber viewer for Mac OS X

Cuprum is a free Gerber viewer for MAC OS X. Download it from here and follow the instruction provided to run the application.

MSP – The MultiWii Serial Protocol

The MultiWii Serial Protocol (MSP) is the de-facto standard to interact with a MultiWii flight controller (FC). Its implementation contains a list of the most common operations one would expect from a remote control/telemetry point of view. Developers can add custom functionality if required, being cautious about typos and errors in the information available as the project and the wiki […]

Inkscape SVG ready for Fritzing

The creation of a new part in Fritzing is based on the process of linking a “connector” to its shape in the vector graphics of each Breadboard, Schematic and PCB views. While a generic SVG is usually enough to provide the Breadboard view this is not the case for the PCB view where rules apply.

S-QUAD – Electrics

Diagram of the electrical connections on the S-QUAD multirotor RC model.

On Bluetooth, Arduino and Android

Bluetooth modules come in many flavors of size, functionality and price and they make Android’s life easier when he wants to talk Arduino.