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How to get a Google Photos RSS feed

by Stefano on 2015.07.08, 7 comments

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Google Photo is a very effective tool to backup pictures and videos on a mobile device to your Google online services. The backup media are private by default but can be easily shared within the Google service marking them as public via a link, Google+ or creating an Album.

Build the RSS feed

To reuse an Album (made of pictures or videos) outside of the Google realm avoiding duplication, the RSS feed of the specific source should be used. This can’t be obtained from the Photos user interface but using the API as follow

http://photos.googleapis.com/data/feed/api/user/<user ID>/albumid/<album ID>?alt=rss

where the

  • <album ID>  is obtained from the album URL
  • <user ID> is obtained  from Picasa web (navigate to https://picasaweb.google.com while logged in on Google, then open an album, the big number in the URL is the user ID

Example of a working RSS feed





The method to obtain the <user ID> detailed in Justin Lee blog is not usable anymore as the ID is not contained in the URL that Google provides. Use the workaround detailed above via Picasa web UI.


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7 thoughts on “How to get a Google Photos RSS feed

  1. hi m8
    i been trying to get all public albums rss, the albums them selves rather than their content

    how can i do that ?

    with regards

  2. This no longer works since Google has been so kind as to scrap Picasaweb completely!

  3. @Casper, awesome! Now I truly hope that you’re able to keep that URL up for many, many years… I’m going to share this on the support page of a WordPress plugin which stopped working with Picasa RSS feeds after May 1.

    It’s also awesome that you can, from your interface, switch from public to private to hidden — nice touch, since Google Photos gets this all wrong!

    Thank you so much!

  4. @Casper your lovely solution unfortunately does not work any more. But here is my solution.

    You need a copy of Picasa Software. If you use Tools > Batch Upload and set the settings to Public you will create a Photo Album online that is Public.

    In the Picasa Album you can then ‘View Online’ or better still find the ‘Copy URL’ link and you will get both the userID and the AlbumID in the old format.

    From those you can build the old Picasaweb RSS Feed.

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