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ScadaBR and libNodave – part II

by Stefano on 2013.09.03, 2 comments

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The dev environment set up in the previous post will serve for the development and integration of new protocols in ScadaBR. Now we use it to add support for Siemens PLC with the popular libnodave library (Java version).

UPDATE: The libnodave4j project is now on GitHub and contains the downloadable jar library. It depends on RXTXcomm and seroUtils which must be downloaded separately.

NOTE: At the time I implemented this protocol I also found traces in the code of an old implementation kept disabled (not visible in the GUI sources dropdown menu). If I’m not mistaken, but I cannot remember right now, that did not contain communication over net, that is  the aim of this post.

  • Checkout libnodave4j as a new project from SVN, build it and export as JAR from the context menu to ScadaBR\WebContent\WEB-INF\lib\libnodave.jar. This is a modified version of the libnodave Java library. What’s new in this version is the package that translate the calls from ScadaBR (see modbus4j library) to the the original libnodave code, acting as sort of proxy layer. This has been coded with a proof-of-concept approach in mind; do not expect it to be complete, error free nor optimized. And yes, feel free to report back bugs and suggestions.
  • Back to the ScadaBR project we now add support for the new protocol following step by step  the developer’s documentation.

Create virtual object (vo)

in src/ folder.


Create runtime objects (rt)




Update the context listener file

com/serotonin/mango/MangoContextListener.java at line 242 add

com/serotonin/mango/vo/dataSource/DataSourceVO.java at line 290 add

Create new source


Update the data source edit file

WebContent/WEB-INF/jsp/dataSourceEdit.jsp at line 444

Update the data source edit DWR file

com/serotonin/mango/web/dwr/DataSourceEditDwr.java add

7 – see Step 4

Add the help

dox/manifest.xml add the help

See the details in the offcial ScadaBR developer’s documentation



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2 thoughts on “ScadaBR and libNodave – part II

  1. Nice job! I trying to implement my own protocol but it’s hard to create full working project in eclipse – maybe you have anything witch compile correctly 😉

  2. Hi, thank you for publishing your work!
    Sadly the package sc.scadatwe.vo.dataSource.nodaves7.S7PointLocatorVO is missing. Is there any chance to get it? Is there maybe also an update in the meanwhile?

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