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Self-Supported climbing wall

by Stefano on 2013.02.10, no comments

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In the end of 2011 I spent some time questioning if I could ever build a climbing wall that will be fit in my room. I live in the city, quite far away from the mountains, and I wanted a quick way to train at home back from work.
I had some ideas on how to realize a structure that could stand by itself, without drilling a hole on the walls, that could be unmounted and took away if I wanted to. I would keep the effort to build it as low as possible considering time, available tools, and money.

So January was spent on and off line to search for the good (and cheap) parts, February has been all about design and 3D modeling, finally March to buy stuff and build the wall.


Area 3.6m x 3.6m
Height approx. 3m
Overhang 40°

Bill of Material

Steel frame

14 90° fixed joints
5 6m 48.3mm diameter tube

Wood panel

5 2440x1220x18mm plywood panels
5 60x60mm L=4m timber-beam
2 80x80mm L=4m timber-beam
2 90x40mm L=4m timber-beam


160 4×50 wood screw
30 M6x80 hex head screw
30 M6 nut
60 M6 washer
324 M10 T-nuts


Steel frame

  • cut tubes to measure
    (1x)4.00m + (1x)3.80m + (2x)3.50m + (2x)2.75m + (2x)2.50m + (2x)0.35m + (2x)0.22m
  • lay out the base
  • mount left/right triangle
  • fix the top horizontal tube

Allow for the structure to adapt during assembling phase, keep all joints loose, tighten everything at the end

Wood panel

  • cut plywood panels to measure
  • trace and drill T-nuts holes (10mm on the front, 11-12mm in the back)
  • place T-nuts
  • cut timber beams to measure
  • trace and cut the beams connection valleys (keep them close)
  • couple each beam to its panels, pre-drill screw holes
  • mark panels and beams with number to find the match during assembly

Assembling is done in place, from the bottom to the top.

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