Some of Stef's Stuff

ARC – Android RC app

by Stefano on 2015.05.24, no comments

ARC is a simple RC-model app running on Android OS. ARC is under development and far from being complete or error-free. Source code is available here

MSP – The MultiWii Serial Protocol

by Stefano on 2015.05.16, one comment

The MultiWii Serial Protocol (MSP) is the de-facto standard to interact with a MultiWii flight controller (FC). Its implementation contains a list of the most common operations one would expect from a remote control/telemetry point of view. Developers can add custom functionality if required, being cautious about typos and errors in the information available as the project and the wiki […]

Build a JOGL Eclipse plugin with Tycho

by Stefano on 2015.04.18, one comment

How to create a cross-platform Java OpenGL Eclipse Plugin ready to use in your development environment and installed from a repository via the Eclipse update/install software functionality.

NDT Announcement

by Stefano on 2013.03.24, no comments

NREL Development Tools for Eclipse (or simply NDT) is a long term endeavor to ease and simplify some tasks while using NREL’s codes for wind turbine simulation. The basic idea is to provide the user with an integrated environment to carry on all the steps required in the simulation workflow from pre-processing – like syntetic […]


by Stefano on 2011.07.13, no comments

A couple of screenshots of an app I’m developing for Android devices; this app will help you to track your daily expenses.

CpLambda IDE w/ Eclipse+XText

by Stefano on 2010.01.03, 2 comments

This post is a very quick overview of the attemp to develop a full featured IDE for the Cp-Lambda code by POLI-Wind, a laboratory of the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale of the Politecnico di Milano (DIA-PoliMI) focused on wind energy.

MIDI2 – Java MIDI socket server

by Stefano on 2009.03.22, no comments

MIDI2 is a Java socket server that allows MIDI messages to be sent over a connection between a host and a client. It’s primary intended to be used with Onyx-VJ, an Adobe AIR™ live video mixing tool, but soon could support also VISP, a live visual renderer also in AIR™.