VSCode for Qt development

This post is Part 1 in a series of two where we look at how to configre VSCode



The overarching goal is to have a (mostly) automated and consistent way of generating

State of the art

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The workflow is orchestrated by a minimal set of VSCode extensions and configuration files

The goal is to add as less customization as possible and yet achieve a workflow that is flexible and portable.

  • .vscode/settings.json : TODO: describe how this files overrides the other settings
  • .vscode/cmake-kits.json : this is the key file where most of the magic happens. If you’re familiar with QtCreator kit you will find a lot of similarities here.
  • **.vscode/toolchain_.cmake** : a toolchain file to describe compiler and other stuff
  • .vscode/launch.json
  • .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json …find what is the purpose of this file

Configuration files

The whole build pro


use Felgo extension …do not install QtTools


Target packages -> Network -> 

configure for local build and for remote